Welcome to the M.I.T.I. Internet site dedicated to high-tech, high-performing knitted fabrics for the world of sport.
Here, you will find our company mission, the complete catalogue of our products and relative technical features - as well as details of our sales organization, always ready to offer the solutions you are looking for.


Flexibility, elasticity and durability are only some of the dynamic characteristics of the fabrics we produce.

Materials are carefully developed using the best technologies available on the market today and are turned into superb products thanks to our knowledge and experience.



M.I.T.I. fabrics for success - just like our own successful history that began in Zogno with Vincenzo Polli in 1931, a determined, courageous and passionate man who tackled a market until then unexplored: ladder-proof fabric weaving.
M.I.T.I. challenges all obstacles to help you achieve your success!



Quality and close contact with our clients are our strong points. M.I.T.I. is a well-established and dynamic company competing on the market with innovative leading-edge products.

For more than seventy years, we have passionately created a wide range of ladder-proof and circular knitted fabrics by continually updating our technology; investing in staff training and motivation; and by constant research into improving the performance of our products.

Latest-generation looms and dyeing and finishing equipment satisfy every requirement.